GDisk® Pile Cloth Disk Filter

GDisk® is a highly efficient filtration system using a unique pile cloth media that can remove suspended solids (SS), turbidity and Phosphorus. It is ideal for final filtration of secondary treated wastewaters, both municipal and industrial.

GDisk® Features

  • Gravity filtration designed to operate in a low pressure head system.
  • 24 hours continuous operation even when backwashing
  • Outside to inside filtration.
  • Automatic backwashing carried out by water level sensor
  • Backwash water volume is very low. Only 1-3% water loss
  • Very low power consumption gives significant energy savings
  • Can handle fluctuations in hydraulic and solids loading
  • Provides high filtrate quality 1-5ppm TSS

GDisk® operation mode

Normal operation

The influent enters the tank or basin completely submerging the cloth media disks. By gravity the liquid passes through the pile cloth surface. The solids are captured on the cloth surface and clear filtrate passes through to the centre tube and then discharged by gravity. The captured solids form a layer on the surface of the filter cloth creating a head loss. As the water level increases in the tank cell it will trip a level sensor

Backwashing mode

Backwash is mode is activated by a water level sensor or timer. When the backwash mode is activated the gear drive will then slowly rotate the disks at 1 rpm. A backwash pump is also activated and a suction is then created in two (2) sets of backwash manifolds. As the disk slowly rotates past the manifold the suction lifts the accumulated dirt from the pile cloth and discharges it through the piping to a sludge collection system. Filtration continues during this backwash mode.

Solids Discharge Mode

Due to quiescent conditions in the tank or basin heavier solids will be allowed to settle. Over time there is a build up of solids on the tank or basin bottom. The PLC has a pre-set signal that will activate a valve and allow the solids to be discharged from the tank.

GDisk® Applications

The pile cloth disk filter can be used in a wide field off applications:
- Tertiary filtration of Municipal and Industrial wastewater such as conventional activated sludge process, extended activated sludge process, SBR process, oxidations ditch system and various BNR systems

Other applications include

  • Filtration for existing municipal sewage and industrial wastewater treatment plants where re-use may be required or better effluent quality needed.
  • Filtration of algae and other pollutants in a water intake station or lake.
  • Filtration of surface waters for potable water
  • Filtration of cooling water and recycling water in iron and steel mills
  • Other agricultural industrial filtration
  • Phosphorus removal in conjunction with chemical pre-treatment of flocculation and coagulation
  • Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Filtration

GABF® (Grenex Automatic Backwashing Filter)

This is an automatic backwash gravity filtration plant that uses granular media. This filter has been widely applied to sewage treatment, industrial waste water treatment and potable water treatment for the past 25 years, being very effective in removing turbidity and SS.
GABF® is a continuous rapid rate, gravity filter. The filter is simple to operate and has been recognized over many years as a very efficient filtration system, with no clogging.

GABF® Features

Concrete filter available in standard widths (1.8m, 2.7m, 3.8m and 4.9m)
Mono media sand, dual media sand and anthracite or granular activated carbon can be used depending on the application.

GABF® Advantage

Simple structure and high-strength corrosion-resistant materials increase the durability use
Operation and maintenance is easy (various pumps, motors, bearings, etc.)
Fully automatic operation with no blockage
Easily installable, depending on the site
Tertiary treatment SS outstanding high performance filtration can remove
Optional (manual or fully automatic skimmer (Skimmer)): treatment of automatic backwash, backwash turbidity against high SS loads

GABF® Application

Drinking water treatment

  • Remove turbidity
  • Remove color
  • Organic removal
  • Iron and mineral removal
  • Remove taste and odor

Sewerage sector

  • SS removal
  • BOD, COD, TOC removal

Industrial water and wastewater treatment applications

  • SS removal
  • Turbidity reduction of process make-up water
  • Chemical precipitate removal
  • Toxic chemical reduction
  • SS, BOD, COD, TOC reduction